Receiving Calls

You can in-browser calls using the plugin with Twilio Studio.

Make sure to upgrade to the latest plugin version

Twilio configuration

  1. Go to your Twilio Console

  2. Select the Twilio Studio Product > Flows

  3. Create a Flow and give it a name (ex Incoming calls)

  4. From the Widget Library under the Voice section, Drag and drop "Connect Call To"

  5. Under the widget Config > Connect Call To > From the dropdown Select "Client User" > then type "the_user_id". Make sure the user id matches your bubble Agent Identifier.

  6. Connect the "Incoming Call" trigger to the "Connect Caller To" widget

  7. Go to Phone Numbers > Manage > Active Number > Select your Twilio number > Call Comes In dropdown Select Studio Flow > Select The flow you have created in Step 3 (ex Incoming Calls)

Bubble app implementation

  1. Go back to your Bubble App > Workflows > Click add an event > Twilio Client Incoming Call > Show Popup

2. Add the UI elements needed: popup, text, and buttons elements (ex. show incoming number, accept, disconnect, ignore, reject buttons)

3. Add actions to the incoming call popup buttons (accept, reject, ignore, disconnect)

Auto Reject Incoming calls

  • This feature can be enabled or disabled on the client element. When enabled, the client will automatically reject incoming calls if the user is busy with another call.

  • The "Auto Rejected Call" event will trigger when a call is auto rejected. This can be useful if you want to alert the user or initiate other actions.

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